I’ve always been proud of having a big heart.
Ever since I was a child, people could tell
that I wore it “on my sleeve”.
I assumed they meant that I wanted
to share it with the world.
And I did.
I did until I realized it was no easy task.
You see, the bigger the heart,
the bigger the risk.
You bruise too easily.
You bleed too abundantly.
You scar too often.
You love too recklessly.
I’ve always been proud of having a big heart,
until I realized that it was far too damaged
to share with the world.
Let alone,
wear on my sleeve.
Connotativewords | jl | Safety (via connotativewords)

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Rammstein - Adios
Album: Mutter

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Rein Raus//Rammstein

Der Ritt war kurz
es tut mir leid

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Day 1 - Favourite Song

Rein Raus, by far, has got to be my favourite. It’s just a song I find pretty sexual and quite catchy too. Plus when I first listened to it, when Till was singing “Rein… Raus” I thought he said ‘arouse’ and I’m like “ooh”

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